Light from concrete.
Created by hand.


Fascinated by the idea of proving that concrete can be so much more than a massive construction medium, BETOLUX traces its roots back to 2010 when founder Andreas Stipp began experimenting with industrial ingredients such as sand, gravel, cement and glass. After much trial and error, a patented process was developed that enables the transformation of a concrete block into a creation of beauty.

The addition of specially prepared recycled glass to the recipe converts concrete from an impenetrable pipe into a kaleidoscope of light. The process paved the way for two product lines: the PURE series that uses 0/32 gravel – and the TRANSLUCENT series lights that are cut from blocks formed when special glass is added.

The fist international presentation of these innovative design objects was in 2012 at the light+building expo, the world’s No.1 trade fair for lighting and building services technology. The milestone marks the official kick-off for BETOLUX concrete light…


Simplicity, clarity, stability – three criteria that significantly influence the development of our lamps. Combined with clear, Bauhaus-inspired style, each BETOLUX creation is an unmistakable homage to these aesthetic design principles.

Lighting solutions for today
In an ever changing world, the desire for stability has never been greater – and despite its seemingly cold exterior, concrete represents a rigidity and strength frow which comfort can be drawn. BETOLUX takes this unwavering substance and gives it new form, lends it new purpose, visually setting free its soul in technically perfected and easily maintainable products.

Passionate perfection
All of the products in the BETOLUX lighting portfolio are manufactured in our Wörthsee facility. All components are subject to strict quality controls. We use high grade materials such as stainless steel, solid woods and locally-sourced frontal moraine gravel in the concrete. Each and every light is unique.

Andreas Stipp, designer and owner of BETOLUX



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